September 8, 2021

Narappa Will Enthral a Huge Global Audience: Suresh Daggubati

Highly-awaited Venkatesh Daggubati’s universal Telugu movie, ‘Narappa” is set to enthral audiences worldwide on Amazon Prime Video on 20 July.

A day before the premiere of this uniquely-made film, Producer Suresh Daggubati in an Exclusive chat with Sheela Panicker addressed his reasons and concerns behind the movie's release on an OTT platform. It was a difficult choice, as we normally release films directly to theatres, but keeping the pandemic in mind and my partner producer’s last experience of releasing his movie Karnan in theatres during pandemic, he had to shut the theatres down after two weeks of the release. Also, our decision to release the film on OTT was to ensure the safety of the people.

"OTT is a new platform for filmmakers. In the long run, OTT and theatres will have to co-exist. We have seen the strength of OTT’s massive reach and connect with audiences happening in the US market, where films are released simultaneously in OTT and theatres with good success. We can’t fight technology but adapt it to our advantage. The OTT release will allow many countries to watch Narappa."

Suresh Daggubati expects a unique movie experience from the OTT release for the audience.

Narappa is releasing on Amazon Prime on 20 July.

"I hope everyone watches it across the globe, for the amount of hard work the artists have put into it, our aim is to reach the maximum audience through this OTT release. The digital space comes as a blessing to the entertainment industry during this time of pandemic. To reach out to the maximum audience through OTT and serve the audience well." added Suresh Daggubati.

On Remake of Asuran to Narappa

"It’s a realistic commercial film. Normally in Telugu Cinema, you don’t get to do such films. We're more commercial. Narappa makes a very strong social comment. It covers the story of a father and his responsibilities towards his family, despite being burdened with his many difficulties, and while not being appreciated by people for his good deeds.

"The family emotions showcased are strong! We thought it’s the right film to do and a great opportunity for an actor like Venky to get to play these kinds of roles. Usually, they do not write such roles for him in Telugu. The director has done a fine job." mentioned Suresh Daggubati.

Venkatesh Daggubati’s Narappa is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on 20 July. Directed by Sreekanth Addala, the movie is a remake of the Tamil movie Asuran, a story that revolves around an intense rivalry. Venky will be seen as a humble farmer, loving father, and devoted husband.

Story of NARAPPA: Narappa is forced to flee into the forest with his younger son, Sinnabba, after Sinnabba murders an upper-caste landlord to avenge his older brother’s death. Now Narappa must make sacrifices and navigate a deeply unjust justice system to give his son a chance for a better future.

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